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        雙管板換熱器發布日期:2013-07-22 來源:南京諾禾機械制造有限公司

        2、內表面電化拋光,粗糙度Ra 0.2m~Ra 0.4m,與管板氬弧焊接,焊口進行拋光處理。
        Double plate heat exchanger has many merits, such as reliable and simple structure, strong adaptability, convenient cleanout, large processing
        quantity, bear high temperature and pressure, etc. There's no dead angle and pollution in the facility. it's easy to clean, Occupied area is small
        and it is easy to install. It is a standardized heat exchanging facillity and technology is ripe. It conforms to GMP demand of medical industry and
        is also an ideal heat exchanging facility in medical industry.
            1. It is made of imported 316L. Specifications of its inner pipe is 12 × 1.5mm
            2. Electrochemical polishing of inner surface reaches Ra0.2 m~Ra0.4 m. Have an argon arc welding and weld is polished.
            3. Use pearl cotton to keep temperature and outer surface is used 304 satin finished plate or hair-line.
            4. Area of exchanging heat: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3 m2.
                Length of heat-exchanging pipe: 1500mm
                Max. working pressure: 1.0Mpa
                Max. Working temperature: 150℃
                Coefficient of heat transmission: water-water: 1100~1400w/ m2.℃
                                                             water-steam: 2300~5700w/ m2.℃